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The Radtke’s are both ordained ELCA pastors from Wartburg Seminary and share duties equally here at Hope.  The staff at Hope Lutheran is supported by many volunteers from the congregational "family". 


Pastor Liz Radtke

Pastor Ryan Radtke

                                Pastor's office hours: Wed, Thur, Fri 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Alicia Taylor, Office Administrator

Jean Wilt, Accompanist




Pastor Liz during Prayer Time

Pastor Ryan reading the Gospel






December 9, 2012

Clergy at the installation: left to right
Bishop Dean Nelson,
Pastor Marjorie Funk-Pihl, Mt. Carmel (Conference Dean), Pastor Wendell Brown, immediate past interim Pastor at Hope, Pastor Amy Beveridge, Bethel Templeton,
Pastor Russ Gordon, Interim Pastor Peace, Lompoc;
Pastor John Rollefson, Interim Pastor, Bethania, Solvang.

Bishop Nelson with the words of Installation to Pastor Liz and Pastor Ryan Pastors laying of hands on Liz and Ryan
President Jerrie Dahlen officially welcoming Pastor Ryan and Pastor Liz to Hope

Pastor Ryan and Pastor Liz after being installed


The Cake before the BBQ Dinner Celebration


Pastor Ryan served his internship at Bethel Lutheran in Holdrege, NE. He then served as an interim pastor at Christ Lutheran in Slayton, MN and Faith Lutheran in Avoca, MN.  Pastor Ryan joined American Lutheran's staff in June of 2008.  Ryan is from Wisconsin and is a graduate of Ripon College.  Pastor Liz previously served First Lutheran in Kearney, NE as an intern before joining American Lutheran's staff in 2007.  Liz is from Florida and had started her education to be a biologist before realizing God had changed plans for her.


Some personal thoughts of Pastors Ryan and Liz which are selective excerpts from the questionnaire they provided to Hope:


Ryan:  I love being Lutheran! But I have two little disclaimers to share with regards to my Lutheran love. First, that doesn't mean that I'm "anti" other denominations as a matter of course. Lutheran history is too full of defining ourselves by what we aren't; we can learn from our brothers and sisters from other Christian stripes, too. Second, the things I love most about being Lutheran have much more to do with Lutheran theology, with a Lutheran lens for viewing the world, than they do with Lutheran culture.

No offense to Garrison Keillor, but there is so much more to Lutheran living than pot lucks and what country you trace your ethnicity back to. I love that Lutheran thinking is comfortable with complexity, with the abundance of gray in this world that inhabits the spaces between black and white. I love tenets like "simultaneously saint and sinner," 'Freedom of a Christian," the "sweet exchange" that occurred between Jesus and us sinners on the cross, and daily remembrance of baptism - daily dying to sin and being raised to new life.

I love these ways of viewing the world because I think they are honest, and true to our experiences, and revealing of our God. And I love sharing my passion for what Lutheranism has to offer.


Liz:  The ministry setting that would energize me the most would definitely be a staff setting; a staff setting where it would be modeled after the Holy Trinity: separate and well defined, but united with a common goal and vision. I would hope that it would be truly collaborative and not hierarchical because I love collaborating with others letting our ministries bounce off of each other and be enhanced by each other. I envision a place that is open to trying something new and is willing to engage in "Holy play" with me, seeing and seeking new ways to enhance our relationship with God and with one another.  A place where Sunday isn't the only time we see each other, that we go out into the world together and engage God's world and people together.

After four years of working side by side, I know that continuing to work with my husband Ryan in a ministry setting would be ideal. We work well together, we complement each other, and we energize each other and each other's ministry.





Pastor Wendell Brown was our interim pastor and he is very much appreciated by all of the congregation.  Pastor Carl Billings was the Hope pastor for many years and in April, 2010 he accepted a call to Discover Church in MN.  Our intern Pastor Amy Beveridge filled in until Pastor Brown came on board.  Amy is now the Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church in Templeton, CA.


Pastor Brown served as our Interim Pastor for over 2 1/2 years


Pastor Brown in the office Pastor's farewell gifts: guitar stand and a gift envelope
November 25, 2012


A profile of Pastor Brown from the Luther Seminary website: 

Wendell J. Brown, ’66

When Brown accepted the call to Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Salinas, Calif., in 1973, worship attendance was declining and the community around the church was experiencing troubled times. Despite the obstacle in front of him, Brown looked to the future of the church and its surroundings, which he felt included ministry to a growing Hispanic population in the Salinas area.“A pastor faces many difficult times in ministry—this was just one of them,” said Bill Tibbetts, a former member of Good Shepherd. “And Pastor Brown rose to the challenge.”

Though it wasn’t always easy, Brown has spent the last 34 years not only developing a Lutheran Hispanic presence in east Salinas, but also planting a Hispanic mission church in north Salinas. “Pastor Brown is one of those special people who sees the glass as half full,” Tibbetts said. “His positive outlook and demeanor inspires and rubs off on others, making them better people.”
Brown’s willingness to adapt to new ideas and put his service to God first has also led to a strong core of dedicated members throughout both churches.

“His love for the Lord is contagious,” said Rev. Steven G. Blair, who nominated Brown for the award and also entered the ministry 10 years ago thanks to Brown’s encouragement. And, even in the midst of another trying time for his church, Brown has continued his and the church’s commitment to receiving everyone at Good Shepherd. “He preaches love and tolerance,” Tibbetts said. “Good Shepherd’s mission statement begins, ‘Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd is a diverse congregation where all are welcome.’”




In early February, 2011 Pastor Brown traveled to the Mid-Winter Convocation at Luther Seminary in Minneapolis. He is one of three pastors chosen to receive the 2011 award recognizing faithful servants of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Established in 1991 by the Luther ‘Seminary Alumni/ae Council, the Council presents three awards to individuals nominated by their peers who graduated within the past 10 years, the past 25 years, and more than 25 years.