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The youth at Hope also serve as acolytes and lay assistants in the worship services, help with service projects, and go on mission trips.   The youth are the future of our church and we have an active youth group with some dedicated adult support, click a tab to see some of the things the youth are involved in:


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Middle School Youth Gathering

DATE: November 18-20, 2016

It is almost time for one of the most exciting events we've encountered for middle school Lutherans! It is the Middle School Youth Gathering which will be held Nov 18 - 20 in Anaheim, CA. The youth spend the weekend learning, worshiping and having lots of fun with hundreds of other youth from our area.


Mystery Trip from October 7th - 9th/2016.


This was a mystery trip to Sea World. Only the drivers knew where they were going. Everyone had a great time.



High School Deep Sea Fishing Trip

DATE: 11/21/2015 ( Sat 5:30AM - 1:00PM PDT ) LOCATION: Drop Off/ Pick Up at Church

We met at the church no later than 5:15am. From there the chaperones drove to the charter company in order to check-in at least one hour before the 7am departure. If you have gear, please bring it, otherwise we will rent gear for you. If you already have a fishing license, please bring it, otherwise we will purchase one for you.

The cost for this event was $35 per youth. This is approximately half of the estimated costs. The remaining expenses were covered by the youth committee. The group arrived back at the church around 1pm for pick up.






The Youth Group reactivated the many Flamingos within the congregation.  For a fee you could designate someone to have a bunch of Flamingos spread all over their could buy insurance to make sure you did not get hit with the birds.  In either event the Youth Group, as of the end of July, 2014, had raised $2,464 which they donated to the parking lot repair fund.







Milo "greeting" his birds







Five brave souls ventured out to their first ever youth gathering (6 if you include me). The gathering was for Middle School aged kids and was at the Marriott in Woodland Hills. Everyone agreed it was a very nice hotel so they ran around like kids, jumping and screaming and filling up the elevators. When we arrived we were immediately submerged into singing, clapping, science experi-ments, and skits. That night there was even a surf party complete with flying beach balls, giant bounce houses and DJ and dance floor. The next day we rose wearily for our lessons and enjoyed more singing, clapping, science experi-ments and skits. Then we were released to spend the day at Universal Studios. The kids enjoyed every-thing about the theme park and it was the highlight of the trip, for sure. That evening we watched an inspirational movie about achieving your goals, then went off to bed. The last day of the trip we rose even more wearily and went downstairs for the conclusion of our lessons and our Sunday morning wor-ship. We said goodbye to friends we haven't seen since camp and other friends we had made and head-ed home just in time for the Hope Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thank you so much to the youth for making it a fun and inspirational weekend for me. I appreciate all that you guys did to learn, connect, grow closer to God and enjoy the weekend.   Pastor Liz






July, 2013: An awesome time was had by all!

Pastors Ryan and Liz, Makila Salgado, Jonathan Dolan, Emily Thompson, Cheyanne Light and Tristan Guillory enjoyed the clean air, warm climate and the presence of Jesus in their surroundings. Friendships were forged, affirmations were made and a deepening faith was found. Seems like it was a successful camping experience.        Can't wait for next year!






Nativity Scene   Mary and Joseph
Angels on High   Shepards and their flock



YOUTH SUNDAY (April 29, 2012):


Saige-Emily sharing her faith story   and Shannon sharing hers'
Leading in song   Josh and Pastor Brown making music





confirmands, 2011







Confirmation of Summer, Holly, and Dante with Pastor Brown
October 30, 2011






A major (FUN) fund raiser for the youth group this year was the:




Flamingo Announcement

Reports had been received of an unprecedented arrival of numerous FLAMINGOS roosting in the the yards of Hope Members.


Flamingo Insurance was available to protect your home from the dreaded birds!... for a modest donation to the youth group.


There was also a means to ensure a Flamingo Hit (on a friend of your choosing)...  for a modest donation


OR you could buy a Revenge Hit ...for a modest donation

AND lastly, if you are HIT there was a Clean Up Crew, ...for a modest donation


  The announcement of the Flamingo Event!


Flamingo Team   Flamingo Gals
The team getting ready to go!
All deliveries were made in the early morning
  Flamingo Team at the Door

The team talked with the affected homeowners....offering removal (for a fee) or a revenge hit (for a fee)

Milo and the Birds

Of course, some guy took it upon himself to settle the Flamingo issue....

Youth receiving award
Flamingo team did get an award at church





Some other events:


Ski Trip
Talent show dancing
Ski Trip
Dancing at the Talent Show
Halloween in the parking lot





Youth Participation in the Worship Service:


youth Church Service
Youth band during service
Playing instruments
Youth giving children sermon
Giving children's sermon




2013’s Theme is “REACH”
based on 2 Corinthians 5:17-20


MAY 25-27
Memorial Day Family Camp
Go to for info.
(Fall 2013 grade level)

JUNE 30-JULY 5 and/or JULY 14-19
Explorers (grades 2-4)
Option to stay from Sunday-Wednesday for a mini week, or stay until Friday for a full week of camp.
Pioneers (grades 4-6)
Discoverers (grades 6-8)

JULY 7-12
Confirmation Camp

JULY 21-26
Arts and Music Camp, all ages

Discoverers (grades 6-8)
Teen Camp (grades 9-12)

Cost: $365 ($275 for the Explorers mini week)
Camp starts on Sundays between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. and ends on Fridays with worship at 11:15 a.m. and a barbecue immediately following.

Sibling discount: Each additional camper from the same family receives a $20 discount.
To register go to There is a $25 registration fee and non-refundable deposit of $100 required at time of registration. Camperships are Tara Dolan or one of the pastors for information

Fund Raising, last year:

The congregation donated over $1,600 to send 4 deserving kids to camp last year.  Part of the fund raising was a competition between Jack Light and Pastor Brown on who could collect the most money in the coin jars set up in the church narthex....the winner got a reward of the ole pie in the face.  AND Jack was the "winner"



Such a good sport.....





CONFIRMATION CAMP, El Camino Pines  JULY 10 TO JULY 15, 2011


confirmation camp   confirmation camp youth








   Theme:  iFollow, based on John 8:12

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


Camps can be fun also

El Camino Camp 2   El Camino Camp3

















El Camino Pines 1




This is one of the classic photos from a

Confirmation Camp


The light is shining on the Challis!!!


What a message.....




Navajo Reservation Mission Trip



Eight of our teenage youth will be traveled with 2 adults to the Navajo Reservation in Northeast Arizona in late July, 2009.  This mission trip was organized through Youthworks! whose purpose is doing ministry with youth.


There is a focus on two primary areas of ministry: children and home improvement. The work with children consists of a hands-on program led by our youth, known as Kids Club. Kids Club offers high-energy games, crafts, skits, songs and interactive lessons all designed to help kids learn about Jesus. Work projects include minor home repair and painting projects.


The group’s willingness to refresh a worn out exterior of a house with a new coat of paint brings real hope and an opportunity to share the love of Christ.  Adult leaders separated youth into ministry groups, and the youth in the Hope group were mixed with the youth from other groups for their week of service..


Evening activities during a YouthWorks week are designed to give participants insight into the lives of local residents and the culture of the area. Some of the evening/cultural activities were: go on a hike up to local landmark: Window Rock; visit cultural center and learn about tribal dances; attend a community Bar-B-Q; and take part in a community educational experience.


Mission trip waiting for paint
Mission trip group fun
Mission trip playing with the kids
Sometimes we had to wait for the paint
Some group fun
Playing with the local kids









and some of the fun and learning:









Paul's Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth





Learning Pottery Crafts

Arena Game

Paul Arriving


Paul teaching the group

Arena Game..Javelin throw


Pastor's leading the end of day gathering

Group Pose!


Thanks to Richard Ennes for taking a number of excellent photographs highlighting the activities of each view the slide shows from each day, click on the Day:


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Day 5


From August 5th to 9th a group of 41 participants and 45 volunteers shared in a Vacation Bible School experience of Paul's dangerous journey to Athens. Each evening began with a delicious, nutritious and made-from-scratch meal prepared by Chef Natalie and served and cleaned up by a hard working kitchen crew. Children and adults alike enjoyed this time on the patio to get to know each other over dinner.

Celebration time followed as Phil and Lis (our very own pastors dressed in Athenian garb) joyfully led a very spirited session of song, dance and bible verses centered around God's unending love for us. Oikos groups (families) of about 10 participants then spent some quieter time together with their Oikos leaders preparing for the rest of the day's activities and re-iterating the theme of the day through a different activity or demonstration. Oikos groups then rotated through three amazing experiences before ending the evening with more celebration time.

Those experiences included a trip to Paul's tent to learn about how Paul visited Athens and risked his life to spread the message of Jesus and his resurrection. The dramas that Paul presented to the kids included them and were very good at conveying each days' message. Since Athens was also the birthplace of the Olympic games, participants visited the Arena Games area for some energetic activities that included Chariot races, relays, javelin and discus. Finally, all participants got a chance to visit the marketplace where they were able to spend their Drachmas (coins) on Greek food as well as in one of the many shops. Shop leaders played the roles of various citizens of Athens and led participants in crafts at the pottery shop, toy making shop, discus shop, scribe shop, law court, music making shop and geometry shop.

Many pictures of this amazing week were captured by Richard Ennes and can be viewed on the church web site. Just scroll up and click on each day's events. Many thanks go to all of those who so generously supported this event through donations, prayers, time and your many talents. Thank you also to all of the participants who were such a joy to be with!

-Tara Dolan




VBS for 2012 featured "The Jerusalem Market Place" which we had several years ago and the kids had a great time.  VBS was on campus at Hope the week of June ..the 25th through the 29th.  It started in the late afternoon at 5:30 pm (with a dinner served) and ending ~8:00 pm.


The age range for the children is from 3 to about 12 and we have 41 youth attending....and a lot of volunteers helping!

The community is always very welcome to drop by and see the activity!


Some photos from this "Jerusalem Market Place":



Prayer before dinner


Pizza Time


Join in the singing


Marketplace setup


Young Lads aiming for the fingers....


Never to young to make pottery


The Kitchen Staff making their 8 excellent pizzas!


And the Group








(Kids built solar powered cars, along with many other planned activities)





Vacation Bible School was held June 28th through July 2nd, from 5:30 to 7:30pm.  VBS is open to all kids from preschool (age 3) to 6th grade (entering).   We started out with a child-friendly dinner for all at 5:30 pm and then at 6pm we had songs, bible stories, games and crafts.  We closed at 7:30 pm with dessert.

VBS 2010:



VBS 2010
VBS 2010
VBS 2010
The group photo under the "tent"
Watching the videos
Some outside time




Some prior VBS:



VBS Card Game   VBS Booths
  VBS Water Game